“My colleagues are all people that I would also go out and have a drink with”

Content marketer


Content marketer Marijke: “Working with like-minded people and task diversity makes my job cool”

After working for several companies, Marijke set foot on Globally Cool ground in 2019. As a content marketer, she is active in branding, promotion, and online marketing for various clients. In addition, she handles GC marketing and communications. “I love to create content in the broadest sense possible, from writing to directing photoshoots and project management.”

Team player

In the world of marketing, you have to be creative, flexible, and – above all – a team player. Marijke checks all these boxes. It immediately became evident that she has these core professional traits in her job application. Looking to stand out in the crowd, she decided to make a video. “It took me almost 80 takes, but it surely paid off.” Her unique way of applying made her the number-one pick for the job, combined with the fact that she has lots of experience in the field and has such a calm, collected personality.

Diving into new matters

“I like everything dealing with content creation. From writing or rewriting texts to directing photoshoots and managing social media posts. Globally Cool has clients from all different kinds of sectors, meaning that I often find myself dealing with unfamiliar subjects. From time to time, diving into new matters can be interesting, since doing so requires a different method.” How Marijke deals with these more demanding projects? “I consider this an empowering challenge. You need to be willing to go the extra mile to gain in-depth knowledge about new topics.”

Mixture of responsibilities

She adds that it is the mixture of all kinds of different projects and responsibilities that makes her job cool. On some days, Marijke is occupied with project management and writing articles at the office, whereas on other days she is in the field guiding trade fair visits. “Globally Cool also provides international organizations with training and coaching on subjects ranging from social media to B2B market research. So, next to content marketing, I empower clients to elevate their branding and promotion activities. Our focus is always on inspiring people to do things differently: think outside of the box and put it to practice.”

Flexibility and pragmatic approach

Globally Cool has grown rapidly over the last year, demanding some adapting and rearranging – this job demands certain flexibility and pragmatic approach – but nothing that cannot be overcome. “We are a social company with people that love to spark conversation. You need to be undaunted by working in an open-plan office and put on your earphones now and then,” grins Marijke, looking at her colleagues through the clear glass wall of the meeting room. “Also, I get a lot of energy from the team’s positive atmosphere. We are a small group of like-minded people, and there is a strong sense of equality. At some companies, people shiver and get quiet when the CEO walks in. Quite the opposite is the case at Globally Cool. The management is on par with all other employees, and everybody is open and honest. Bringing new insights is well-appreciated, which I consider characteristic for the type of egalitarian company that we are.”

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