“Working with like-minded people and task diversity makes my job cool.”

Content marketer and communication adviser


Content marketing and communication adviser Marijke: “Because I find it so enjoyable, I find it so important to improve.”

Four years ago we introduced you to Marijke, content marketing and communication adviser at Globally Cool. In this time, she has developed not only as an expert in communication but also a master in project management and an inspiring trainer. Her dedication, expertise, and passion make her an invaluable addition to Globally Cool’s team. If you’re looking for someone who can not only create content but also bring projects to success, Marijke is the right person for the job!

From content creation to global impact

At the beginning of Marijke’s Globally Cool journey she was a content marketer, solely focused on creating engaging content for clients. It didn’t take long for the management team to recognise her potential as a project manager and trust her with more responsibility. She welcomed it with open arms, too! Giving training sessions, both digitally and on site, became another one of Marijke’s favourite aspects of her work.

Through her contributions at Globally Cool, Marijke now has a direct impact on various organisations worldwide. “After trainings, people approach you and express their happiness with the knowledge you have shared with them. These are the moments that truly resonate and make the job incredibly rewarding. It’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Embracing collaboration

“At Globally Cool, collaboration is key,” Marijke emphasises, “and we are a social company with people who love to spark conversation. You need to be undaunted by working in an open-plan office and put on your earphones now and then,” she adds with a grin.

“The work culture is very open. Everyone is always willing to help each other out, so that makes it easier to integrate and become part of the team.”


Room for growth

Through the years, Marijke has seen her role at Globally Cool evolve, extending her expertise from pure content creation to a broader scope. However, Marijke always sees room for growth, especially in her role as a trainer. “You always encounter new things or unexpected situations. Because I find it so enjoyable, I find it so important to improve.” Her determination to continue developing herself makes her an irreplaceable asset to Globally Cool’s team.

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