“I am a person who never stops learning.”

International Trade Consultant


International trade adviser Esmée: “I like language, cultures, and international business which makes me a perfect match with Globally Cool”

Life-long learning and meeting people from all over the world have always been a paramount part of Esmée Wiering’s life. Globally Cool gave her the chance to go on a Spanish adventure to Barcelona and – of course- Esmée grasped this opportunity with both hands.

A mixture of projects

Even though Esmée has been working for Globally Cool for two years, she already contributed tremendously to the performance of the company. Her daily activities fall into a variety of responsibilities. “Sometimes I work on trade statistics and, research markets. Other days, I help businesses develop export-marketing strategies.” You might think this is enough for one person, but training and coaching are also part of Esmée’s responsibilities.

International opportunity given by Globally Cool

“For me, the international aspect is certainly important. If you look back throughout my education and career, I have liked languages, cultures, and international business and was interested in topics around exporting. That’s why I am a great match with Globally Cool.”

Globally Cool believes in life-long learning and motivates the professional development of its employees. That is why after a coffee career chat between Alfons and Esmée, a new adventure was planned.

Spanish adventure

Together with colleague Wietske, Esmée left for Barcelona to improve her Spanish competencies. For three weeks, both trade consultants studied in the mornings and worked in the afternoons from the city of Gaudi. Their focus was to improve their Spanish business conversation skills, beneficial when working at an internationally- minded business as Globally Cool. “The words I would use to describe this experience are- awesome, opportunity, and tapas”- Esmée says with a smile. “In the end, these newfound speaking skills will help me in future projects. It allows me to express myself better in conversations with clients.”

Conquering new international opportunities is Esmée’s specialty. She is an excellent example of a person who will never stop learning. By expanding her knowledge and horizons, she not only betters herself, but also strengthen Globally Cool and future clients. Hasta la vista!

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