“I focus on moving forward rather than quitting.”

Luz Maria Barrientos
International trade consultant


International trade consultant Luz: “The allure of market research fascinated me, igniting a passion for international business strategies.”

Luz Maria Barrientos is a dedicated international trade consultant.  With a wealth of experience, she’s advised 250+ companies, excelling in customer-specific solutions. A skilled communicator, her webinars have attracted 500+ attendees. As a matchmaking expert, she’s arranged 1,000+ meetings between buyers and sellers. Luz specializes in trade promotion, market intelligence and entry strategies. 

A personal journey into Globally Cool

“The allure of market research fascinated me, igniting a passion for international business strategies. The idea of collaborating with diverse teams across different countries intrigued me, sparking a desire to contribute to companies like Globally Cool.”

Pathway to Globally Cool

After relocating from Colombia to Germany, Luz yearned for a career shift. “Connecting with Onno on LinkedIn led me to Globally Cool. The company’s commitment to learning and open opportunities resonated with me. Our collective experiences merged, leading me to join the Cool team. Having spent nearly a decade with Colombia’s trade promotion agency, I grasped insights into market research and advisory roles. This practical experience aligned well with Globally Cool’s expertise, creating a synergy that drives our achievements.”

Tackling remote work challenges

“Remote work poses its challenges, yet our team adeptly overcomes them. We communicate seamlessly through various channels, ensuring no one feels isolated. Our collaborative approach ensures each team member’s voice is heard, fostering a smooth workflow that transcends geographical distances. Empowerment is ingrained in Globally Cool’s culture. In my role, I encourage individuals to excel by granting them ownership. Open dialogues allow each perspective to be valued, fostering a collective effort that drives impactful results.”

Creative problem-solving in action

“Problem-solving is about persevering. When obstacles arise in projects, I focus on moving forward rather than quitting. This determination triggers creative thinking, helping me find solutions and contribute fresh ideas.”

Guidance within the management team

Luz shared, with a smile on her face “Recently, I joined the management team, adding a new dimension to my role. Working closely with colleagues, I provide insights, feedback, and mentorship to enhance project execution. Collaborative planning and resource allocation are also part of my responsibilities, contributing to organizational excellence alongside Joost, Onno, and Alfons. Reflecting on our achievements, for Luz the Cambodian project stands out. Collaborating with Mariët, we guided Cambodian companies in understanding marketing concepts, not only for exports but also local sales. Witnessing their grasp of what sets them apart was inspiring.”

Envisioning a bright future

“Looking ahead, I see Globally Cool growing naturally. Expanding our team’s expertise would enable us to tackle a wider range of projects. Additionally, venturing into e-commerce could offer opportunities to bridge gaps for businesses in developing countries, connecting them with European markets. In my journey with Globally Cool, dedication to empowering businesses and fostering international growth remains at the heart of every step. Each experience contributes to our collective success, propelling us towards a brighter future.”

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