“It’s always exciting to meet new people from different backgrounds.”

International trade consultant


International trade consultant Esmée: “We help each other out and work as a team.”

A few years ago we introduced you to our international trade consultant Esmée. Since then, her role has developed significantly. Esmée joined Globally Cool in January 2020 and has been an integral part of our team for four and a half years. Her passion for different cultures, languages, and international business naturally led her to this field.

Passion for international trade

When asked how she found her way into international trade, Esmée smiles and says, “I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures and languages, and I love the idea of doing business internationally. My studies in international business and European studies naturally led me here.” She finds her work particularly fulfilling because it allows her to interact with people from diverse countries such as Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, and Egypt. “It’s always exciting to meet new people from different backgrounds,” she says.

Memorable projects and challenges

One memorable project involved providing training on how to conduct market research, performing market analysis for products, and assisting at trade fairs in Dubai and Italy. “The project had so many different aspects, which made it really interesting,” she shares. However, Esmée acknowledges that projects can sometimes be challenging. “Projects don’t always go as planned, and you have to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances,” she notes. Despite these challenges, she appreciates the supportive and non-competitive culture at Globally Cool. “We help each other out and work as a team,” she says.

“I enjoy projects that allow me to interact with people directly.”

To excel in her role, Esmée believes in being proactive, collaborative, and flexible. “You can’t have a strict 9-to-5 mentality,” she emphasizes. “Sometimes the job demands extra effort during peak times. It’s also important to inspire and motivate others, especially when conducting training sessions.” A typical workday for Esmée involves desk research, online data collection, and communication with market experts. “I enjoy projects that allow me to interact with people directly, like coaching and training sessions,” she says. “That’s where I find the most satisfaction.” Travelling for work is another aspect she enjoys. “Travelling adds variety and excitement to my routine,” she adds with a smile.

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