“I’m always eager to learn”

Girda 2023
International trade consultant


International trade consultant Girda: “Within Globally Cool, I have always felt empowered to express my creativity.”

Enter Girda, a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience working on diverse projects for creative companies and non-profit organisations. Specialising in organisational capacity building in the tourism sector, she blends her expertise in data and analytics with a people-centric approach, employing unique and unconventional tools to foster innovation and drive success.

Bringing a world of possibilities to life

“I embarked on an incredible journey with Globally Cool in 2018 when Alfons and Onno presented me with the remarkable opportunity to join their team,” recalls Girda. “I had previously crossed paths with them during a coaching session, and when my previous project came to a close, they wasted no time reaching out to me.”

Unleashing the power of connection

In addition to being a digital marketing professional, Girda possesses a unique talent for training individuals in an interactive and engaging manner. Girda holds this attribute in high regard. “My ability to connect with people from different nationalities and cultures is one of the qualities that the company values on me and I’m also very proud of it”.

“I’m always eager to learn from the clients I train,” says Girda. “Sometimes what looks good on paper needs some adjustments in reality.” Girda’s experience, coupled with this mindset of continuous learning, has greatly contributed to the development of her training modules, ensuring their utmost effectiveness.

Going the extra mile: empowerment and innovation at Globally Cool

“Within Globally Cool, I have always felt empowered to express my creativity. I greatly appreciate the company’s commitment to exploring different approaches and embracing new ideas,” emphasises Girda. According to her, “Going the extra mile means not only providing additional services but also making tangible progress.” This shared mindset fosters innovation and propels the company forward.

“The most fulfilling aspect of my work is the opportunity to interact with clients from diverse sectors and countries. I relish the chance to meet individuals from different backgrounds and feel invigorated by the prospect of visiting various countries as part of my work with Globally Cool,” shares Girda. “Making a meaningful impact and leaving a lasting impression on the global stage is what truly drives me.”


Bridging Distances, Building Bridges

“Although I have occasionally experienced the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) syndrome, worrying that I might miss out on deep connections with my colleagues,” explains Girda, “I have found solace in the power of virtual communication.” Additionally, she ensures that she visits the office at least once a year. “It helps to get to know each other,” Girda affirms.

The ability to work from anywhere has provided Girda with newfound freedom. However, she acknowledges that it also demands self-discipline. “It could be very distracting sometimes, and nobody is supervising you,” Girda admits. As she wisely notes, maintaining productivity can be challenging when no one is watching, but she has successfully embraced this freedom while remaining dedicated to her work.

Girda considers herself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity “to join Globally Cool 16,000 miles away from The Netherlands.” She expresses deep gratitude for the progress that has been made in bridging geographical gaps, emphasising that distance is no longer a significant obstacle.

Pioneers of transformation

“In my eyes, Globally Cool serves as a catalyst for positive change,” affirms Girda. “As a company working with diverse clients, it’s very important to become more inclusive, both in the way we work and as a professional value. I envision this commitment to inclusivity as the transformative journey that will lead us towards a brighter future!”

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