”Every interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

International trade consultant Roula.
International trade consultant


International trade consultant Roula: ”The sky is my limit.”

Meet Roula, International trade consultant at Globally Cool. In the world of international trade she finds herself exploring endless opportunities alongside Globally Cool. For her, working here means more than just a career — it is an invitation to limitless growth. “The sky is the limit here,” she emphasises.

Embracing diversity

At Globally Cool, Roula finds a refreshing emphasis on diversity and openness. “Here we are looking for diversity, and we are interested in getting it,” she affirms. “There’s an open culture; a positive one.” Roula’s journey transcends borders, leaving a mark on global markets. “We value the co-creation approach for a solid capacity building and sustainable results ” she asserts. “Guiding our project stakeholders to be stronger and more resilient.”

“Every interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

“Working with international stakeholders opens horizons for you to embrace any change,” Roula notes, as she reflects on her encounters with diverse cultures and economies. “Every interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Empowering global markets

As Roula’s journey unfolds, she embraces each challenge and opportunity, guided by the belief that collaboration and diversity are the cornerstones of progress. With every project, she reaffirms her commitment to making a tangible impact on global markets, one empowered community at a time.

Join Roula and the Globally Cool team on a journey of innovation, empowerment, and global impact.

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