“Co-creation, the act of leveraging collective knowledge and experiences”

Onno Roukens
Managing Partner


Managing Partner Onno: “My commitment to valuing everyone’s input, and creating an environment where ideas can be freely shared, ensures that Globally Cool benefits from the collective wisdom of its team members”

Onno Roukens is one of Globally Cool’s managing partners with extensive training experience, having conducted over 2,500 sessions for SMEs and promotion organisations. With over 25 years of working experience in emerging countries, he has gained valuable insights into dealing with foreign currencies and navigating diverse markets.

Did you know that Globally Cool’s roots come from two sides? Namely, from a company founded by Alfons and one by Onno and Joost. This is where Onno’s unexpected journey started, an encounter with Joost, one of his former university students – yes, Onno was a teacher in his early career. “I excluded Joost from his class because he displayed exceptional academic abilities. I realised Joost’s research skills were extraordinary. Together, we conducted several research projects, forming a dynamic partnership where 1+1 equalled 3”, Onno says with a smile. “This collaboration eventually led to us establishing our own company.”

Core values of Globally Cool

Globally Cool’s core values have been integral to its success from the beginning. For me, co-creation, the act of leveraging collective knowledge and experiences, stands out as a pivotal value. Retaining individual expertise while working together as a team and delivering quality beyond client expectations are fundamental principles that define Globally Cool’s identity.”

Distinctive experience and collaborative spirit

“With over 20 years of experience in more than 50 countries worldwide, I’m very proud that we have been able to set Globally Cool apart from other companies in the sector. Our highly skilled team, combined with seamless collaboration across diverse cultures and knowledge domains, positions us as a trusted partner in the field. I hear quite often that people perceive that Globally Cool stands for cool co-creation, emphasising the importance of teamwork, fun, and quality in driving project and company success.” Onno says smiling. “I always follow a quote from George Bernard Shaw, If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples, we still each have an apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, each of us will have two ideas. For me, that is a quote to live and work by – exchanging knowledge and learning from each other to improve livelihood worldwide. Ι acknowledge the inherent strength and innovation that derive from diverse perspectives in a team. While acknowledging the challenges that can arise.” He emphasises: “Fostering a positive and proactive atmosphere to address any negative aspects constructively.”

Co-creation and beneficiary involvement

“Incorporating beneficiaries into the co-creation process is key to the success of Globally Cool’s projects. By involving clients and beneficiaries, valuable insights are gained, ideas are tested, and proposals are aligned with their needs and preferences. This inclusive approach is integral to Globally Cool’s core values.”

A project to be proud of: NepalNow campaign

Reflecting on a project close to his heart, Onno recalls the NepalNow campaign: “In which we aimed to revive tourism in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015. Through collaboration with tourism providers and powerful storytelling, the campaign successfully conveyed the message that 92% of Nepal was safe to visit. Engaging famous personalities, ambassadors, and social media platforms, the campaign garnered immense support, showcasing the impact of high-quality co-creation.”

Empowerment at Globally Cool

The co-creation process and the power of teamwork empower Onno and the team at Globally Cool. “We work in a collaborative environment that fosters innovation, values individual contributions, and promotes a sense of shared achievement. My commitment to valuing everyone’s input, and creating an environment where ideas can be freely shared, ensures that Globally Cool benefits from the collective wisdom of its team members.”

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