“Don’t be afraid to share something that nobody thought of yet. Cause that might be the part that the team or project is missing!”

Marketing intern


Marketing intern Preslava: “Share your opinion, your thoughts, or your ideas; because it’s how your voice will be heard!”

As an international student hailing from Bulgaria and studying in the Netherlands, Preslava was on the lookout for an internship that would fit her studies and personal preferences. Luckily, she found this at Globally Cool. She studies Creative Business at the local University and is learning the ropes of marketing. “After graduating from a high school focusing on mathematics, I decided it’s not for me. Therefore I switched into an area of creativity”.

Being far away from home

Ever since Preslava came to the Netherlands to study, she has learned to live abroad and be far away from her family and the Bulgarian culture which she holds close to her heart. Her decision to study abroad gave her a lot of perspective. Both on the world and what is going on around her. “I grow every day by learning from the people I have met, their different interests, and lives”.

Finding an internship

Being interested in marketing and everything that has to do with it, Preslava was in search of an internship. One in which she could be creative and learn more about marketing. “After searching daily on LinkedIn and online for internships, I thought— “Let’s have a look at what my University offers”. They have many partnerships with companies, and luckily for me, there was an opening for an internship at Globally Cool in the database. So, I grabbed the opportunity immediately! After applying, sending my CV, and creating a creative portfolio, I had an interview with Alfons and Mariët. Two days later they already offered me an internship!”.

Preslava’s role within Globally Cool

As a marketing intern, Preslava is involved in a multitude of projects that offer a wide variety of responsibilities. “In general, I deal with the social media channels of Globally Cool and of some of our clients. I write blogs for our website, conduct interviews with employees, assist with the webinars, and also organise my initiatives”. And do we love her initiatives! Preslava coordinates fun team-building activities, an ‘intern for a day’ initiative, and she also is working on the corporate social responsibility of Globally Cool. You can say that she is a very busy bee.

At first, Preslava expected an internship to be quite dull. Some of her classmates warned her that internships can get a bit boring, where you will be treated as “just the intern”. Less than that was true for Preslava! She quite quickly took on a lot of responsibility and is involved in multiple projects, while her voice is always being heard. She did not expect to have so much freedom and room to speak out, and the whole team’s readiness to help her with any questions she might have. “I have the chance to plan, organise, and expand my knowledge. More importantly, as the environment is really important for me, I feel like I became part of the Globally Cool family!”

Lessons learned during the internship

An advantage of working in a smaller company is that interns have the chance to see up close how matters are approached. “You can quickly find solutions to problems” according to Preslava. “What I found refreshing is that you don’t work on hypothetical or fictional problems like you do at University. In the beginning, I was a bit scared of the internship because I thought that I did not have enough skills to solve real problems. However, this is not true. This internship feels like an integral part of my studies because I’m learning the real deal”. When asked about what she learned, the first lesson that pops into her mind is that there is no shame in asking for help. “Nobody is born knowing everything. I can always ask someone for help or feedback when I’m a bit stuck. When I want to develop new skills, such as copywriting, the experts within the team are there to help me and are also open to my suggestions”.

A lesson for (new) interns

To new interns, Preslava would say: “Go for it! Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, your thoughts, or your ideas, because your voice will be heard! In this way, your manager or supervisor can see your potential and contributions to the team. My generation has a different approach to matters compared to older generations. Show them what you got!” Preslava aspires to continue to work in the marketing field after graduating from University. And we at Globally Cool know for sure that she will be a marketing star!

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