”I get to be around very inspiring people.”

Sales consultant Fady Issa
Sales support executive


Sales support executive Fady: “I like having my own flow, and that’s what I can get here.”

Fady, originally from Jordan, found himself drawn to the world of international trade. His journey led him to Globally Cool, where he works as a Sales support executive. A chance encounter on LinkedIn sparked the interest of the searching Fady. Globally Cool’s commitment to embracing diverse opportunities resonated with Fady’s aspirations. Having refined his skills through internships and academic pursuits, Fady brings a fresh perspective and eagerness to learn to his role.

Navigating a diverse and flexible environment

As a Sales support executive, Fady navigates the dynamic world of international business with enthusiasm. From his morning coffees to working on exciting projects, every day is filled with diverse challenges and rewarding interactions. Fady finds joy in the chaos and individuality. “It’s a very unique environment. I like having my own flow, and that’s what I can get here. You have the freedom to do things in your own way for the most part,” Fady explains.

“For me it’s the people, it’s the projects… It’s everything.”

For Fady, the appeal of Globally Cool extended beyond its unique environment. “It’s a lot of diversity,” he notes. “I get to be around very inspiring people. For me it’s the people, it’s the projects. It’s everything.” At Globally Cool, diversity is woven into the very fabric of everyday life. From bustling brainstorming sessions to fun lunch gatherings, Fady finds himself surrounded by many cultures and ideas, each more inspiring than the last.

The two A’s

But to thrive in such an environment demands adaptability and accountability. “To be adaptable… and just accountable,” Fady emphasises. “Because you’re kind of left to do your tasks in your own way, in a sense.” At Globally Cool success is measured by the ability to take ownership of one’s actions and to embrace change.

As Fady reflects on his journey thus far, he feels a sense of pride. From navigating the intricacies of international markets to forging connections across continents, his role as a Sales support executive has opened many doors for him.

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