“Time flies by so quickly since I started working at GC.”

International trade consultant


Trade consultant Wietske: “The international environment gives me tons of energy, I just love it!”

Being one of the most positive and bubbly people at Globally Cool, Wietske always arrives at the office with a smile on her face. “I come from an international background and decided to take a leap of faith when applying for a job at GC. The vacancy that I found online had already expired – I was travelling and just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City – but when I read it I Immediately realized: trade fairs, check. International, check. A young team, check. Working with lots of different clients and cultures, check. This is me, 100 percent!”

Diverse activities

It is the company’s international focus, combined with its beautiful location in Friesland and – also not insignificantly – the fact that every now and then a nice bottle of wine gets opened – that made her choice a no-brainer. “My job as an international marketing consultant is very diverse. Some days I am up to my ears in market research, executing studies about different products ranging from candles to garden furniture. Other days I stroll down trade fair isles, doing field research, and mapping out different sector trends. Of course, everything I do is focused on helping businesses in developing countries, who are looking to export to the European Union.”

Deadlines and teamwork

Wietske gets a kick out of meeting deadlines. And of course, she always does meet them. “Whenever it is deadline time, I am excited to deliver because I am proud of what I do. Some of my tasks are like a puzzle with 5,000 pieces. It is challenging, but when I find all the parts of the puzzle and it all comes together, I experience a real yes-moment. Even more when it is a product of teamwork. Working together and supporting each other while achieving the best results as possible, gives me tons of energy.”

Different cultures

Being a social butterfly, visiting trade fairs, and guiding representatives of business from different countries comes naturally to her. “I feel at ease in a melting pot of different cultures. That is why I love trade fairs so much – it is in my DNA. The communication, helping people out, and finding my way during the fair, it is like a fish to water.”

Days go by fast

Wietske’s answer to the question if she has any dislikes in her job, is very short and clear. “The days are too short for my liking – in a blink of an eye, the days go by. I wish that days had more time in it. That is probably also due to the fact that the atmosphere at Globally Cool is so relaxed. Every day we have lunch with each other, and every now and then a bottle of wine gets opened during a Friday afternoon. It is all right up my alley,” she says with a bright smile on her face.

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