“Globally Cool is very important to me.”

Web developer


Web developer Khaled: “I’m proud of my achievements and like to discover new things”

Although he has some emotional baggage, Khaled didn’t throw in the towel. Originally, he’s from Syria and the Dutch Council for Refugees helped him get a job as a web developer at Globally Cool. He likes his job and has been doing it for three years – and always with a positive mindset.

New life

“Globally Cool has given me a new life, that means a lot to me”, Khaled explains. “From Syria, I ended up in Heerenveen, a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands. The township Heerenveen offers refugees via the Dutch Council for Refugees an ‘invest and participate’ program. This program aims to help people join companies through placements. At the same time, Globally Cool contacted the Dutch Council for Refugees because they were looking for new employees. So, two and two were put together.”

Building a future

“When I started, my colleague Herre handed me a lot of documents with information about the Divi Theme and the Toolset plugin set for WordPress. A lot of websites are built with these tools, but I wasn’t familiar with it. In Syria, I developed websites with FrontPage. That’s somehow less dynamic and in a short period, I had to learn a whole new skill set in building professional websites. I enjoyed doing this and after some time I decided to stay in the Netherlands and built a future here for me and my family.”

Developing websites from A to Z

Khaled is excited when he tells about the progress he made in Divi and Toolset: “I’m a specialist now and I develop websites from A to Z. I also like to discover new features. While I was working on this ‘Working at’-website, I got an idea for displaying job openings. I also simplified the option for users to edit pages.” The story of Khaled is a great example of the fact that you can overcome a lot when you’re determined.

Looking for solutions

Being a web developer means Khaled also has some maintenance tasks. “I also make sure our internal server is being fed with back-ups of websites. Furthermore, Herre and I keep several websites up to date. When updating a website, it is important to foresee problems and act on them. Together, we look for solutions, so the websites keep running smoothly.”

Khaled is very pleased with the collaboration among the team, especially with Herre. “Herre taught me everything he knows. I like that very much”, he concludes.

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